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P_ Hyrbex- GDS (1)


The GDS series is a Hybrid IP Communication System, and combines the advantage of all traditional telecommunications along with the convergence of VoIP technology giving the ability to build a solution that best suits the diverse needs of any business.

This integrated IP-based capability protects your investment and ensures a wide range of options for expanding information and communication infrastructure as the business grows.

The GDS series systems provides the options of external interfaces to PSTN, ISDN (BRI, PRI), E1/T1,DID, E&M, VoIP and GSM, along with feature-packed digital keyphones, VoIP Extensions and traditional analog and wireless-handsets.

The GDS Series has the unique ability of expanding from small to larger sized business with configuration sizes starting as small as 4 lines by 8 stations, the GDS Series expands to a maximum of to 640 stations. The Key point of the GDS is its flexibility in meeting your business needs, weather this is a Multi Site VoIP Solution, Hospitality, School, Serviced Office, Call Centre, GSM Switching, etc the GDS has the flexibility and ability to offer a solution that best suits your needs.

HYBREX - Trans Tel Lynx

The Small, Flexible and Talented TransTel Lynx is the most powerful phone system in its class. It delivers virtually all of the advanced features expected from a larger system; enabling even the smallest business to access advanced telecommunication tools thus giving a competitive business advantage. User friendly and affordable the TransTel Lynx comes pre-programmed with simple plug and play default data base, but can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a more complex install.

The basic TransTel Lynx comes pre-configured with 3 outside (CO) Lines, 4 Digital Extensions complete with 4 X DK7-21 LCD Hands free phones and 4 Single Line Extension ports. The Trantel Lynx comes standard with a 2 port (4 Hour) Voice Mail and has Faxability capability on all CO lines. The standard TransTel Lynx can also be further expanded by another 2 CO Lines and 4 Single Line Extension ports giving a maximum of a 5/12 configuration.


HYBREX - DK2-21c phone
Elegant design, European style which will satisfy all demands of the business office. The DK2-21c would hold a place on the desk of any busy executive, or suit those who desire a top of the line telephone.

The DK2-21c series Digital Key phone equips with maximum 22 programmable(CO, Extension, Functions and Speed Dial) keys with dual-color LEDs and 17 functional keys. It also has optional Blue-tooth interface that a Bluetooth headset could be interfaced with.

The DK2-21c Digital Key phone can used at all Gx Series telephone systems and Hybrid IP Communication systems on a DK port interface. As with all other DK series handsets the DK2-21c utilises single pair wiring making deployment over existing installed cabling simple and painless.

ACP%20 Phone

HYBREX  (Access Control Phone)
A doorphone like device with many more functions than an average door phone. Designed for use in sheltered or indoor situations the ACP is a digital system device fed by single pair from any Hybrex Gx series telephone system and IP gateway series system.

The functionality of the ACP is many fold: it provides an audio path to extensions or external lines, RFID detector for proximity card, relay to open the door or activate a siren and a sensor to detect alarm status.

The ACP has many different combinations: such as a door phone at front or back door, normal wall mount phone with handsfree answer back, two-way speaker, security control panel and access control device. Using a 4 character x 7 segment large format display the ACP shows key/operation status during use, otherwise displaying the current time.

Used in conjunction with the Access Manager component of the Hybrex software suite the ACP provides an elegant solution to security, access control, Time Clock, and pertinent record logs, for any business or home.



HYBREX DK2-DSS (Direct Station Selection)
A stand-alone device designed in the same Elegant European style as the DK2 and DK3 series phones, it is connected to Gx series system through a DK port. The DK2 DSS console features 66 programmable system keys, lit by bi-colour LEDs, allowing the receptionist full knowledge and control of a larger office telephone network.


KX- T7730 NZ%20 Thumb_new

Designed to handle the requirements of todays busy office, the 1 line LCD display will provide time/ date and caller ID information on inbound calls* while the 12 programmable LED keys make it easy to transfer and make calls.

Use the speaker phone key to talk handsfree or connect a headset to the 2.5mm mini-jack on the side of the phone to free you up to talk and type. Dedicated pre-programmed buttons allow access to key PBX functions, making life easy. The Panasonic KX-T7730 is the perfect phone for the busy office.


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Standard Phone

everlea 210

Message Waiting, 6 One Touch Keys, Wall Mountable

TransTel 220 

transtel 220


Everlea 101

everlea 101

Hands Free Speaker Phone, 12 One Touch Buttons, Data Port, Message Waiting Light

Newfonic Phone Dialer

everlea newfonic t10




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