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The digital switchover... it's the biggest thing since colour TV! and it's actually pretty simple

The Government had announced that NZ TV is going digital, which means the current free-to-air analogue signal will be switched off and New Zealand will move to a digital transmission for all free-to-air channels.

Switching to digital may seem daunting, but it's pretty simple really.

For most people, a working UHF aerial or working satellite dish is already available, so all that's needed to get digital TV is a Freeview digital receiver - You can contact us at Commlite to find the best digital receiver for your household.

Do you have a UHF aerial (outdoor / indoor) or Satellite Dish?
Commlite can install one for you and get you Freeview ready. If you need help installing or setting up Freeview please
Contact us for more details.

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